Living every day with psycho-physical alignment


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The primary thing one has to do in routines is to put the mind back to its original and active shape as soon as you wake up.

One needs a clear and consistent routine of physical and mental exercises to handle this.

Once you are done awakening your self or mind then you need to maintain it throughout the day.

There will be some distractions during the day and you need to take the mind back to its original positions.

Do every daily activity in chunks and get back your mind to the original position.

Make every moment a useful one for yourself and others.

Practice being good to others during the day when you are out of home and in the office or outside.

Visioning is not a one day activity. keep refining and executing it on a daily routine.

The existence of Mind beyond the body:



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The indestructible and indivisible is distinct from body but it is in the Mind one realizes this.

Intellect is the expression of the Mind.

Scientist is also a sage in the external discovery of nature and its constituents. The world outside is a macrocosm and cannot be fathomed.

The world inside a being is a microcosm that can be realized through inner journey of being.

We can explain more of the intangible and indestructible element of the Universe with quantum physics.

The realization of the indivisible form within the divisible is all the journey of life.

Action is that which is required for the existence of the body either for isolated or connected.

The attachment to the Action is the attachment of the Mind to the body. The action to be detached should be either mere existence or for others existence.

Life is a journey from the physical existence to the eternal existence; from body outside to the Mind within.

Joy and Pain are not for the elevated souls who are in the path of eternal evolution.

The devotee with belief accepts his life as divine grace. In reality, one needs to architect his own journey with chosen elements.

Belief is for the beginners and choice for the evolved. The knower walks with Choice and aware of his result. The devotee is unaware of the result and left to the Chance of survival.

Vedas constantly prescribed action and stated that inaction leads to the purposeless existence.

One needs to take a decisive choice to reach the eternal existence with detached action.

Truth, Belief and Action in Life

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The purpose of the philosophy or religion is to understand the absolute truth in its very essence across the visible Universe.

Once the absolute truth of life and death or the force across the Universe is understood, the positive and powerful belief systems are formed.

Without this understanding if one takes the journey either with the strength or weakness, it is bound to be retrogressive in result.

But unfortunately, even after thousands of years and with all the scientific development, the absolute truth is still not understood or elusive to the common man.

There is a need to intricately weave the search for absolute truth and the action for the real life which is done rarely in human history.

We see such an action packed philosophy and life with Sri Krishna in Hindu mythology.

As we continue our life journey through the search for absolute we see lot of intermediary truths cleared on the way and help us in the final state of evolution.

The mental maturity depends on the level of clarity on the absolute truth and further belief systems based on these levels.

Action should not be haphazard as most of the people resort to. It is dependant on clear path of destiny every individual has created or to create for himself.

Once we are on the right path, the force inside will give us strength and guide us through the path.

Detachment is for the mind to keep itself out of the body influences and not letting the needed action to leave.

God or the Cosmic Force will be with us when you realize what God is and your relation with the God.

Else, the forces of nature will take control of our life and be subjected to chance in the game of survival.

The Story of human evolution and conflict:


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The history of mankind from the prehistoric days to the present day modern society signifies a singular truth that is Survival Instinct.

The prehistoric man in difficult whether and environmental conditions has learnt to fight adapt to the nature.

As the evolution grew, the faculties for intellectual, emotional, professional and social grew as per the situations around.

The intellectual growth has given birth to many tools of gradual evolution that helped man in his dominance over the less intelligent peers.

When he adapted to the nature and started dominating the animal world, then started the confrontation with own species through the confrontation of different levels of emotions arising out of improved physiological reactions.

The domination among one individual over other is primarily on the supremacy of thought process which is haunting even today with varied religious and philosophical leadership.

The intellectual and emotional maturities coupled with physical instincts of the animal nature have continued to grow in community and social phenomena.

When understanding the ultimate purpose of human life the thought has grown beyond emotions and social instincts and promulgated the greater theories for life including spirituality.

The very different in thought process of religions stem from the differing existence levels and thinking patterns of humans surviving in various strata of intellectual, emotional and social life.

Now it is the time in the history of human being to understand a common underlying principle of the human thought on its survival and extinction in the context of the larger panorama of Universe.

The Matter, the Energy, the Mind and the God:


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The quantum of the matter and the energy inside the matter is constant whether compressed as dense ball at the beginning of the Universe or in its expanding.

It is true that the basic truth in the Universe is same since its beginning and it never changes.

What changed is the evolution of consciousness through the complex patterns of matter and functional complexities of energy.

The level of consciousness depends on the collective expression of complex functions of the Mind.

The perceptual ability of the individual living consciousness emerges out of the varied existence levels.

The existence levels define the evolution of being from thinking mind to creative, organization mind and further obliterating its own existence to create a new form.

The singular entity crossing all the perceptions always tries to understand, reach its absolute source.

The Consciousness across the space and time is one single and ultimate entity that never changes. This you may call it as GOD.

The individual consciousness once reaching the source, tries relentlessly to extend, expand the existence of available source.

The path is getting absolute consciousness is revealed from thousands of years through several elevated individuals in the human form.

The diversity of perception and thought is due to the lower levels of existence and the increased bondage of the mind to the matter and body.

Every individual human needs to awaken their mind and live in it instead of living and directed by the body.

Why belief is powerful



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We see the belief systems are running through the ages. All the logic an science consistently not successful in eradicating even a false belief.

What is the reason the belief has become so strong through generations in all religions.

Why the people are comfortable in believing an external force beyond their imagination.

Because, it is the easiest way to do it. In believing the individual is comfortable in  leaving his future in the hands of unknown.

People are resistant to change and evolution and always enjoyed the status quo in the life.

They feel ease in following which is already followed and does not want to strain their body and mind for new discoveries and dimensions of life.

Wherefrom the belief arise?

They arise from the deep psychic realities through constant environmental reinforcements.

Is there any advantage of the belief?

There is a strong advantage in the belief systems and hence they are surviving.

Every individual in one instance or the other must have experienced a unique incident in life which turns into a belief.

The belief if strong turns the vision into a reality as it is seated in the core of our mind and vibrates the complete being to realize the belief into a reality.

Greed and Selfishness – How to reduce it?



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Greed of matter or money is ruling the world through corruption and looting.

It is becoming the cause of increasing gap between the rich and the poor among the societies and the countries.

Increased selfishness among the world is making the individual more shrinking in his self and thus getting disconnected from the world around.

The expansion of the self against the matter is of paramount importance to reduce the incidence of hatred among different groups in society.

If neglected, the social conflict will increase to the level of total confrontation.

The greed with its deeper connections with all the negative tendencies of the human being will destroy the positive fibre among the social groups.

The change in the human character can be brought about only by the religious teachings.

Unfortunately, the religion since the ages has become the basis of confrontation because of the varying existing levels of human mind and their concepts.

Instead of looking at the negative side of the other religion people should learn the positive things that are common in every religion.

In the mean time, the evolution of science since its beginning is trying to uproot the thoughts of religion.

The science should try to give the logical explanation for the religious thoughts wherever the facts coincide with the hypothesis.

With all the efforts of the great philosophers of the ages and the geographical locations around the world, the greed of the individual and subsequently the division among the human communities continued.

Every sage or saint in the human history has made an effort to make the individual a positive character through their teachings.

Every religion in the effort of transforming the individual has created dogmatic belief systems which are insignificant in religion and turned very detrimental to the social harmony.

The time for the human being has come to discern the best practices of the philosophy that are ultimate for the evolution and eternity instead of material comforts.

The mind is the cause of creation and destruction as well. It is the mind that needs to be refined by understanding its own functioning.

The free will residing at the center of the mind should be awakened to dominate the physical matter including the body.

The nearer one reaches the center of the mind the better the one recognizes its power and comfort of Inner Being and enjoys the bliss of tranquility with power of command.

The power of Mind over matter can go a long way in decreasing the greed of the individual self  thus enhancing the harmony among human society. The human when idenitifed expands in the direction of welfare of the humanity and as a networked individual.

Science and Spirituality


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The history of human thought has seen a long battle between religion and science through their beliefs and facts.

There has been never an effort is made to see the view point of other to understand the similarities and contradictions.

In a way the science has turned too dogmatic in their own predictions and belief systems.

Science through its discovery of the underlying principles, laws of phenomena can as well could have modified the philosophical thought at every phase of human history and dispel the blind belief systems existing at each moment.

But instead it always tried to run a parallel and antognostic system that corroborates the belief of mass population.

The belief and the facts are so innate in nature of the human being and could easily be balanced.

Belief is something people feel and depend heavily on their daily activities without any rationale behind it. Because, it is to be in that way. The fact is something which seeks thinking and logical action for use.

The thinking mind of living being always was insecure in various confronting situation of survival. This led to the belief of a Being above the normal capabilities to support in terms of crisis.

The evolutionary gap between various levels of human existence has become the foundation for confrontation in their belief systems. This has become the base for variation in the religious theories and teaching.

The ritualistic practice of the religion for thousands of years has led to the stagnation of human mind losing its reason into the effortless habit of continuance of existence.

Let us understand the relationship of the science and philosophy in understanding the God.

Science, with all its discovery explain that the nature or the universe has created itself and sustaining with the laws made by itself. On the contrary, the religious philosophy speaks of a Super Being in the Universe who is the cause and effect in the Universe.

Though both the above arguments seem contradictory, is there any difference in their concepts if you look at other angle. Why can’t we call the nature or the Universe sustaining with its own laws as the God?

The human mind has evolved out of millions of years of evolution of living being to become an architect of the world what we are seeing.

Similar way, the billions of years of the existence of this Universe could have created a cumulative Super Intelligence that is maintaining every law in the Universe and this we may call as the God.

As there is no scientific explanation for many of the phenomena in the nature, it is better to take the shelter of the philosophy till the old hypothesis is replaced with reasonable and factual explanation.

The science can make an effort to support or disprove the religious belief systems and build a rational around the human thinking instead of always confronting with it.

From unknown to known being


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In the beginning of the formation of living from the non-living, it happened that the energy which is static energy into the dynamic and subsequently the primordial living being.

It all happened with the complex bonding of the essential elements required for the evolution of a living being.

The single cell living being thus formed with the favor of the nature supporting it has metamorphosed into a complex multicellular being and further into a thinking human being.

The mind evolved in the evolution of being such that it can handle the complex organism in its varying degree of physical, physiological, social functions.

The mind further has created a framework of spiritual reality to live beyond the perceptive reality.

The energy that could not think, will and act to reach the chosen destiny has evolved into the sophisticated mind.

Every living activity hitherto unknown to the core of the energy in the living being has become known through the evolution of mind.

The Mind which is searching a reality beyond the physical entities of space and time or spacetime is trying to evolve a framework to fit the happenings on the earth, space and the universe.

The Mind which is the controlling center of the human being is now thinking beyond the control of its own existence and moving ahead into the social awareness and the awareness that corresponds to the nature and its elements.

The Mind is trying to grab the knowledge and experience of the world, nature, space, cosmic bodies like planets, solar system, galaxies and the multiverses.

The Mind turned externally could get all the support from the nature if subordinated to it. The Mind that turned internally to reach the point of its existence could connect to the Unified Being at the similar existence level and network with the energy and matter around it.

The Mind thus evolved into a free will has the capacity to choose its own destiny to exist or perish the matter around it at its own will.

Thus evolution of matter what we think is only the increasing complexity of nature and engulfing the human into the unknown slavery of destruction.

If the human being to survive on the matter, it is not necessary but mandatory to turn inwards and reach the inner source or Being or existence and be with it always.

At this spot nothing influences the Mind and it can influence everything around through physical and spiritual planes.

The gate of birth and death: Can we control the death?


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It is an established fact that the mind is the supreme entity in the body which controls everything including physical, psychological and physiological activities. It is known that the mind controls all the voluntary activities externally and we are able to move the external body parts at our will. It is little known and even if it is known, the human mind is not aware of its capacity to even control the internal parts of the body which are involuntary in their operation. They are involuntary because they are programmed by the Mind to do the task. If the body follows the mind for its upkeep most of the diseases would not be of any significance as they can be warded off much before the onslaught.

When we keep thinking of the origins of feelings and thought it leads definitively to some unknown location in the Mind. The ancient Hindu Rishis and Saints have clearly identified the pathway of stimulus response in the body and expressed through a system of symbolic figures of 7 Chakras. They are Muladhara at the base of the Spinal Chord and others like Swadhistana at the point of reproductive organs, Manipura at the stomach, Anahata located parallel to the heart, Vishuddhi located in the area of throat, Agna at the forehead and Sahasrara at the top of the Spinal Chord. These are the Spinal Ganglion with varied neural extensions to the body parts at the respective places and arousing various instincts, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

If we take the discussion further into the beginning of life we can understand that it is the Mind which started its operations for the physical organism. The beginning as we see will be the all encompassing Sahasrara with many neural ramifications. It is the place at the topmost point in the Spinal Chord. At the point of death it is the area through which the life tries to leave the body or there could be a possibility of ceasing itself at the brain.

The difference between various levels of existence and awareness in living and human beings, the life ceases at various points in the spinal chord which takes the form of material, physical, psychological or Spiritual nature at the end of the life. There is a story in Vishnu Purana of Hindu mythology saying that few of the persons are chosen to continue the life at the end of the world and will begin the life when the delusion settles. That may be a symbolic statement for the spiritual progress of the people. But the actual fact is the living being or human at the time of death can choose to be at which level they want to end the life. This depends on the Physical, mental and spiritual practices prescribed by ancient Hindu Saints through their experiences.

Every individual at the beginning of his awareness should start and continue the spiritual evolution as the death is inevitable end that everyone has to face. It needs a preparation to face the same. The preparation of awareness starts from the base of the spinal chord and when it reached the top one reaches the gate between birth and death. At this point the life and death is at the will of the living being. It is the will of the individual being whether to be with the core mass of the universe or merge with the inanimate, physical realms.